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Monday, September 9, 2013

Susan Corbett on Bloggers: No Accountability

I had a restless night's sleep this past weekend, and happened to be tuned into the PCN channel as I faded in and out of consciousness. At ~3:30 or so on Sunday morning, I happened to catch our First Lady Susan Corbett's recent interview on PCN. 

Start watching the video ( link below) @ ~10:00 minutes in to get the full build-up to our First Lady's comments about bloggers having no accountability.

The link to the PCN webpage is here. Scroll down to the bottom.

I did enjoy the video, and overall I think Susan Corbett appears to be a pretty neat lady. Her love of gardening and the tour of that area of the Governor's mansion was well worth watching, and the fact that she allowed her husband to have TWO dogs scored some major points with me. I'm only asking for one; a Siberian Husky and/or part wolf mix. So far...no go. 

Anyway, it was evident, at least from my perspective, that our First Lady is far more in tune with the environment than her husband appears to be based upon his policies.  

As a blogger who includes his real name at the conclusion of every post, I am 100% accountable for everything I write. I, Don Williams of Montgomery County, PA will have far more to say about bloggers and accountability when I fully return from my self-imposed exile.

P.S.: I almost committed capsaicide last weekend when I sampled my first Moruga Scorpion pepper from my garden. I started off with a piece the size of ~1/2 a postage stamp, and I'm glad I erred on the side of caution. You'll never see me on a YouTube video eating an entire Scorpion pepper, but suffice it to say they are insanely hot. And now that the Bhut Jolokia Ghost peppers are starting to ripen, I'll be back for my second sampling of the world's hottest peppers sometime later this week.

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  1. Looking forward to the end of self-imposed exile!