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Thursday, July 4, 2013

(Updated) And One Flag Flew...

Update as of 7/10/2013:
As folks are still coming to this specific post, I thought I'd provide a final word...or two.
Later that same day, on the 4th of July, I stopped by this street again to pick up a few items and checked out the number of flags displayed. It was about 5:45 p.m. when I arrived. There were plenty of grills fired up, firecrackers going off in just about every direction, and based upon the volume and content of some of the conversations I could hear quite well from a hundred feet away...the beer was flowing freely.
And, on this street of ~43 houses in the Mayflower section of Wilkes-Barre PA, only three homes were displaying American flags on the 4th of July. 
P*ss poor...if you ask me.

My emotions ( rage & disgust ) are off the chart this morning, so I'll keep this brief. In my hometown of Wilkes-Barre, in a neighborhood where the streets and lanes are named after officers of the Civil War, on a lane where WWI and WWII veterans lived and many Purple Hearts were distributed...not one flag flew this morning at ~8:23 a.m. 

That changed when I left. 

Happy 4th of July. 

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