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Sunday, June 23, 2013

RiverFest 2013

RiverFest 2013 is in the books...at least for me. There will be another paddling trip today, along with the Dragon Boat races that have been growing in popularity for the past few years. Unfortunately, four hours on the Susquehanna on Saturday was all I had available this weekend, but it was - as in all prior years - time well spent. 

I'm using Blogger's mobile app this morning for a brief post, but I'll be back at some point with a longer tale about this year's Wyoming Valley RiverFest, my new kayak's maiden voyage on the Susquehanna, and a few comments about an article in today's Times Leader. 
Early morning on the Susquehanna River...before the boats put in.
Above: A month ago...kneeling like this ( and getting up ) was darn near impossible.
Above: My days as an AARP leg model are pretty much over.
Next post will be on Monday.


  1. Don, aren't you concerned about pollution in the river water? I don't think I would want to kayak on the Susquehanna now. I certainly wouldn't swim in it, of course.


  2. Carol:

    Thanks for stopping by. I have little to no concerns about kayaking on the Susquehanna. Is it polluted? Absolutely. Is it unsafe? For kayaking -I do not believe so. However, I do have ongoing concerns about the current state and future of our river. I've been a catch and release fisherman for decades, but if I weren't, I definitely would not eat anything I caught from the Susquehanna; now and for the foreseeable future. But all being said...that's just my personal opinion.

    Be well. Hope we eventually get to meet.