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Friday, April 26, 2013

Once More: Susquehanna Impaired (?)

First; we've said it multiple times before:

And now, thanks to the recent CBF press release and report, seems like more folks are getting the message and joining in:
Hey, however we get there, we need the Susquehanna to be protected. Restoration is, in my opinion, something I will not see in my lifetime...but we have to start somewhere.
Let's begin by designating the Susquehanna as impaired.

Susquehanna @ Pittston, PA downstream from Butler Mine Tunnel

AMD oozing from stream banks 24/7 near Pittston, PA
Post-flood debris near Wyalusing, PA
UFO ( Unidentified Floating Object ) in the Susquehanna
Site of Knox Mine Disaster on Susquehanna River
Scene from RiverFest 2011

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