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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ernst v. EnCana: Pin Pe Obi

To all:

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't come within a hair's breadth of walking away from this blog and focusing my energies elsewhere...and that is the absolute truth. I am just plain tired of all the counterproductive noise and misdirected energies.

And then, time and time again, something abruptly pulls me back in.

This morning, as I was reviewing the details of traffic to this blog yesterday - which was one of the highest in recent memory - I spotted a series of visits from my friend(s) in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Nothing unusual at first; they just visited several of my recent posts. And then I noticed a link to a website/blog that I had never visited before, and decided to check it out.


As I read the lengthy post, I was thinking: "How did they get to my blog from here?" When I finally arrived at the bottom, I got my answer.

Check it out here.

Pin Pe Obi is a timeless message for all of us.  I am pleased and honored that a cover from a YMCA Parent/Child Program newsletter I created in 1997 is having an impact, however small it may be, on others as they walk the path toward their own personal mountaintops.

Jessica: Do not be distracted or dissuaded on your journey.

Pin Pe Obi

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