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Monday, April 8, 2013

Carol Jean Moten Interview

Take 10 minutes to watch this interview of yet another family directly impacted by the natural gas industry. Look into Carol Jean Moten's eyes and tell me what you see. Listen to her words.

Thanks to Diane & Ron for bringing it to my attention.

"The industry lies." Perhaps, someday, we'll get enough people to realize that those three words are the absolute truth.

To allow this to happen is unconscionably criminal. Corbett and his cadre of cronies have got to go.

Please let others know about this video.


  1. Thanks Don

    Here's another new video from the good people at Fracking Our Future. Paints the bigger picture and includes Carol Jean, David Headley and others suffering every damn day in the New Industrial States of Marcellus...



  2. Well, FrackFighter, it appears the good people at Fracking our Future didn't like my linking to their video on YouTube, as the ability to embed the same has been removed. I also saw they did the same on some other websites. I have nothing positive to say about actions like this, so I'll stop here.

  3. Hmm...should have used the adjective as the third word in the comment instead of the seventh. Watched the videos and know they're good...don't know the people and assumed they're good...oh, well - should'a known better.

    “Assumptions are unopened windows that foolish birds fly into, and their broken bodies are evidence gathered too late.” Brian Davis


  4. FF: Agreed. It is a very emotional, powerful and credible video. I wanted to help them get Carol Jean's message out about "coming together as one" as quickly and widely as possible. Seems FOF completely missed that very powerful point. If FOF didn't want widespread distribution, they should have never posted it on the Internet. I've already received multiple calls and emails about the broken link from yesterday's post. All basically asked: WTF?