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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thank you, Phyllis Mundy.

Although I don't live in her district, I've known of PA Representative Phyllis Mundy for many years. She's been present at numerous events I've attended, including RiverFest, Memorial Day at the Forty-Fort Cemetery, and the annual Battle of Wyoming (BOW) Ceremony at the Wyoming Monument.

She and I spoke briefly at the last BOW ceremony I was able to attend, and I think I closed with: "Keep up the good fight!"

Although I highly doubt Phyllis remembers our time sitting next to each other on that early July morning, or my parting words, it appears - based upon this article in today's Times-Tribune - this Kingston High School ( Go, Huskies! ) graduate is still fighting the good fight.

In the event Phyllis Mundy ever decides to run for higher office, I know who I'll be voting for.


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