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Friday, March 15, 2013

PA SB 411: Mine Subsidence as an Issue?

It took me awhile to find the document I was looking for, which was buried in a folder with some very-old memos regarding the proposed inflatable dam.

As people start to debate PA SB 411, in addition to the liability issues and (very real) potential contamination issues to both surface and subsurface waters, they had better add the distinct possibility of surface subsidence in areas that were heavily mined for coal in the past, i.e. if they draw directly from known subsurface mine pools or AMD boreholes, like the Old Forge Borehole pictured at the top of this blog, potential subsidence is a real issue that needs to be considered & discussed.

Ask yourself and others: Who will foot the bill if your home is damaged by subsidence...or if a road suddenly caves in? Or worse? If PA SB 411 is passed as is, the answer is:


Check out the language  highlighted below.

And then read the full SRBC document here. That's right folks; this came from the water quantity experts themselves.

If anyone tells you potential subsidence is a non-issue, they are either:

  • Clueless
  • Lying, or...
  • Employed/compensated by the natural gas industry

When it comes to everything on this planet that we continue to exploit as if we have a fallback position available to us; it's all connected, folks, and if that is not abundantly clear by now, I don't know what else I can offer...but I'll keep trying.

 Back in a few.

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