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Sunday, February 10, 2013

It Don't Come Easy!

Slowly but surely, my rehab is progressing well beyond what I had initially envisioned. Over the past 2+ weeks, in addition to all the walkabouts on the first floor, as well as PT for my lower half, I have stunned my upper body into numbed submission with workouts utilizing the TRX strap system and multiple types of resistance bands and tubing.

Additionally, my wife has taken the concept of portion control to heretofore unimaginable realms...so I am benefitting by burning far more calories than I am taking in.

Finally, thanks to a suggestion from a friend, I am supplementing my daily intake with a superfood that appears to be working wonders so far. Among other benefits, I am sleeping more soundly and have been off painkillers for more than a week.

This detour is taking me places I haven't been in awhile, and I'm forging ahead with everything I have. There never has been and never will be a cry of "Woe is me" from this quarter.

Whatever your obstacles in life may be...get out there and get it done.

You'll never regret it.




  1. Or, as some might say...RAMMING SPEED!

    I couldn't agree more with your current mindset.

    Wifey says I'm too stubborn to ever admit to being tired, stressed or injured. I say, I play harder than I work. Whatever. Whichever.

    Sometimes you just have to reach inward and find that little extra drive that most folks don't even realize is at their disposal. Mind over matter, I guess.

    Anyway, give 'em hell.

  2. Brother:

    No pain...no gain. We will paddle again.