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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chesapeake Declines Commenting...Again

   "Chesapeake spokesman Rory Sweeny declined to comment on whether the company is donating to any environmental groups."

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"After Williams wrote a blog post about the meeting, Audubon quickly responded that there had been no decision to seek gas drilling donations."
Read the entire WSJ article here.

A few months back, when I had a chance to nominate a Pennsylvania stream to American Rivers' annual "Most Endangered" list...and had absolutely no desire to do so...I knew my involvement in this whole Marcellus mess was rapidly winding down.

For the record, I'm still getting phone calls and emails asking me to become more actively involved. Thanks...but no thanks. If I do anything going forward, it will be solo or with some very close and trusted friends.

And yes...I've got some ideas brewing.

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