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Monday, July 23, 2012

Return from Rockwell Road: Leroy Township

Based upon the length and severity of the headache I had yesterday afternoon, I was breathing in some heavy doses of methane...standing in the middle of the woods. The last time I remember anything close, it was right after I spent some time paddling through and taking pictures/videos of the massive field of bubbles on the Susquehanna River in early September 2010.

Same thing...nausea followed by a prolonged headache.

Anyway, I've got some pretty amazing videos which I'll be posting later tonight. Over two months after the latest "incident" involving the Morse Well Pad...the streams are still bubbling, the woods are still belching methane, and the DEP claims the "situation is for the most part over."
This is far from over, folks. Far from over.

Stay tuned folks. We're gonna light your fire...


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