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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Conestogas Buried...but where?

I spent some time last night researching where the Conestogas massacred on December 27, 1763 were buried. In the end, it seems there's no clear cut answer.

I found several sites with (sometimes) conflicting information. This website claims they're buried on the old Nissly Farm and were possibly moved, while another claims they were buried here. In both cases, Chestnut Street in Lancaster is mentioned, so I'm guessing that location would be a good starting point for anyone interested in researching this topic further. 

During my wanderings, I also found this book, which I am definitely planning to add to my hardcopy library.

Were the Conestogas moved to make way for the railroad? Is their burial place now covered with a parking lot? And ultimately...does anyone care?
Next up: the results of a family meeting regarding my continued involvement in all things Marcellus.

Above/below: Family walk along the Susquehanna River @ sunset
on 12/25/2011 - Wyoming, PA


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