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Friday, September 9, 2011

Susquehanna Flooding: How many more?

Photo by Don Williams

My parents survived the floods of 1936, 1972...and thankfully, 2011. I shovelled muck from businesses and homes in the Wyoming Valley during the summer of 1972. From many of the comments online yesterday, it seemed that more than half of those folks weren't even alive when Hurricane Agnes wreaked havoc on the Susquehanna watershed a generation or two ago.

Several of my friends upstream ( near Towanda ) had up to a foot of water on the first floor of their homes, and the water is just starting to recede this morning. In Wilkes-Barre, as of this moment, the levees are holding.

  Hold, baby, hold! 

There will be thousands of articles about the Susquehanna online today. I'll let folks who write for a living cover this issue.


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