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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Impending Tempest: Plan V

Cumulonimbus Maximus - Photo by Don Williams

It's coming folks...and I'm not talking about civil disobedience.

I'm getting far too many phone calls and e-mails from people who have given up on "Plan A" and are contemplating "Plan V". I've asked to be removed from many of those e-mail lists, and I've stopped answering my cell if I don't recognize the incoming phone number. Not because I don't share their passion and frustration; I do. But in the end, I am looking far beyond what happened at last night's meeting...or the knee-jerk reaction to the latest industry-funded smörgåsbord of swill. This one requires a long-term, well thought-out game plan minus any emotional distractions or deviations.

Distraction and disruption are exactly what the NGI folks want.

Get it?!?

As big a blip as I may (or may not) be on the NGI's radar screen, they aren't experienced or savvy enough in this blogger/activism arena - individually or in the aggregate - to be prepared for what I have planned next. And in light of the media's leak prior to the 5/17 Most Endangered River's report...I'm trusting no one.

Get ready folks. Plan V is right around the corner.

You have my word on it.

P.S. To the gassed guest blogger in the Panda suit @ EID-Marcellus:  A sincere thanks for the comic relief. S'mores? Really? Is that the best you've got?  (Where do they get these folks?)


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