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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gaz de schiste: Non merci!


"Shale gas, no thanks!"
In many of the conversations I had on July 4th, I found that the majority of folks were not aware that France had banned hydrofracturing.

I didn't get a chance to read the legislation passed, and it appears there may be some legal loopholes, but all in all, I'm happy to hear that at least one country on this planet is willing to take a "not now" approach to the current shale gas extraction methodology. Good for them. All they need to do is monitor what's happening in Pennsylvania for the next year or so, and the wisdom of their decision will become evident to all...if it hasn't already.

BTW - in addition to the Marcellus Shale Coalition's "Guiding Principles", it appears Shell Oil has come out with their version of a "We really care" statement. Read more about it here.

IMHO...same old same old.

Folks, the shale gas has been down there for ~300 million years. We can wait a little longer until the industry develops - and it will if it has to - new extraction technology that doesn't need ~5 million gallons of fresh water per well and eliminates any risk of contaminating private water wells, either from the initial drilling itself or from the "fracking" necessary to release the tightly-held gas.

Finally for today, I'm hearing from some very reliable sources in Bradford County that someone knows where some of the missing fracking flowback water ended up. Receipts, dates, locations...the whole nine yards. I was also told they don't want to go to the DEP or local newspapers for obvious reasons.

Want to get the word out? 40+ countries have visited this blog. I get pageviews from Harrisburg, Washington, Texas and the rest of the "Gaz de Schiste" folks on a daily basis. When provided with advance or inside information, I do not post names or other identifying information without written permission.

Want to expose them for what they are? Email: djw444@gmail.com


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