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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Awash in History: July 4, 2011

I spent most of the 4th of July in the Wyoming Valley ( northeastern PA ). I started my day by attending the 133rd Annual Commemorative Service of the 233rd anniversary of the Battle of Wyoming, held every year at the Wyoming Monument in Wyoming, Pennsylvania. This was my third consecutive year attending, and I hope to make many, many more.

I didn't have the time to stay until the end of the ceremony, as my goal for this day was to visit three of the oldest structures in the Wyoming Valley: the Swetland Homestead, the Nathan Denison House, and the Forty-Fort Meeting House. As can be seen by the pics below: Mission Accomplished.

I've decided to limit the pics below to two from each location. As I took over 200 pics yesterday, I could be here all day, but I have an extensive "to do" list that I need to get started on ASAP.

From the Swetland Homestead:

From the Nathan Denison House:

Above: The actual table upon which the Battle of Wyoming's Articles of Surrender were signed in Forty-Fort on July 4th, 1778.

From the Forty-Fort Meeting House:

Okay...one more. The pews are white pine, the columns are oak.

As I was leaving the Wyoming Valley, I stopped to take a pic of another historic building that may not survive the ravages of time, neglect and the wrecking ball. I believe - if the will to save this building existed - it could be done.

Just like The Old Fell House...what a shame.

More from my July 4th Magical History Tour in my next post.



  1. Don-
    I love Aubrey M! Perfect! Our family would always drive by Standing Stone every year (I wish we had paddled by it!). As a kid I was so enthralled with it. Dad would slow down and point it out- it was a dramatic moment! In those days we actually looked out the window on trips and enjoyed the beauty and other interesting things along the way! Can one see it from the road now, or are there too many trees?


  2. Carol:

    I've never spotted The Stone from Rte 6. Is there a closer road you are aware of?