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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

RiverFest 2011 - Chapter 1

First, take a few minutes to check out the recent posts by my RiverFest paddling partner of many years, Mark Cour.

I've got a lot to say about this year's event, and I don't have the time this morning to do it all in one post, so I'm going to start with some pictures taken this past weekend.

The fog began to dissipate by the time we approached the Wyoming Valley

Eventually, this bridge is coming down

Stopping below Pittston to explore "Dinosaur Island"

Pop-pop and grandson on an incredible insular expedition
One casualty: a blown out flip-flop

Chevy hubcap circa 19??

Grim reminder of past mistakes below the Knox Mine Disaster location

Well-attended protest on the Pierce Street Bridge

Two 1973 graduates of GAR High School - Don W. and Dave W.

On Sunday, I went looking for Williams Energy...but they were gone.
All I wanted was a green yo-yo and a water bottle.

Folks getting ready to paddle the Susquehanna on Father's Day

I'll be back.

1 comment:

  1. What fracking bridge is that?! Tell me it isn't the Eighth Street Bridge. It sure FELT like that most of the time. How was the turbulence when you passed under the old and new Eighth Street Bridges?