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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Marcellus Experts 'R Us - NOT


I attended another Marcellus Shale seminar at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia last evening. Brian Grove of Chesapeake Energy was a no-show. Otherwise, it was very well attended.

I was doing okay until one of the "expert" speakers, a PhD no less, stated that the lateral drilling extended "5 miles" from the drillpad and that 80% of the water pumped underground as part of the hydrofracturing process came back up to the surface. As he was completely wrong on both points, and several others he pulled from thin air, it was tough for me to stay objectively engaged listening to the remaining "experts" until I had to leave at 8:35 to catch the next train home.

Of all the comments made last night, the one I agreed with the most came from a politician. When it comes to dealing with the natural gas industry, as he stated several times, "We are babes in the woods."



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