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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chesapeake Energy: Popcorn, anyone?

I took a few minutes last week to write to the PA DEP and request a status of their investigation into what caused the bubbling in the Susquehanna River near Sugar Run ( Bradford County, PA ) that began on ~9/2/2010. Here is the sum total of their response:

Here is the Notice of Violation sent to Chesapeake.  No sample results have been released since the case is still under investigation.
Still under investigation...160 days later? Umm, errr...what's taking so long? Seriously, what more do you need to issue your findings?

Let me guess...

Several years ago, in response to some less than favorable publicity about the Susquehanna, a spokesperson for our commonwealth described the Susquehanna as the "crown jewel" of PA's natural wonders and tourism industry. Right now, as this river advocate sees it, our "crown jewel" is being sodomized by the natural gas industry while our elected "leaders" sit idly by, eat popcorn, and try to convince themselves and anyone who will listen that they're doing everything they can to protect our natural resources.

Unfortunately and in reality, they are not.


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