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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Weminiscing - 1/15/2011

Hi, folks.

I need a mental break from all of this Marcellus Madness, so I've decided to return to digging through some old pictures from years gone by and renewing my Weekend Weminiscing posts. Hope you enjoy these.

Remember when they predicted the paperless office? Fuggedaboutit!

A fun family outing on the Lehigh River circa ~1998.

Paddling on the tidal Schuylkill River in Philadelphia - Sept. 2009

Ancient fossilized insect (wasp?) nest found along Susquehanna River
Flip side below.

60+ acres of heaven: The view from my relative's property in the hills above Binghamton, NY. He sold his "retirement" home & outbuildings in 2010 rather than lease it for drilling, since most/all of his neighbors leased and he knew what would eventually happen to his water and the value of his land.

Lone wild turkey strutting across our deck.

Sunrise on Earth Day - 4/22/2007
Below - Pic from my 2007 Earth Day protest on the Market Street Bridge
Wilkes-Barre, PA

PS - We were successful in stopping the inflatable dam one year later.

My mom at her brother's grave site in Arlington, VA. Her prior visit was ~50+ years earlier.

Doing outside electrical work...you never know what you'll find.

One of the many nests we always find in the spring.

Enjoy your weekend.


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