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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Prayers and Broken Promises

"So we had a resident that became infested and never told us. And unfortunately she wasn't a healthy person and just had some issues. As soon as we realized she had issues we checked the units above, below and to the sides," said Jo-Anne LePiere, regional property manager for Pennrose Property, which owns the high-rise.

Management followed protocol set by the exterminators to secure and treat furniture, check for bugs, and repeat until they were all gone. They haven't seen any live bugs since Dec. 1, she said.

The quote above was taken from this article.
My friends, my mother was simply moving a few knick-knacks on her windowsill on Friday, 12/10/2010, when she found another live bedbug. Fortunately, an employee of DJFT was there to see it. And I confirmed the same with the building manager. So much for December 1st and, dare I ask, could there be a superstrain of bedbugs inhabiting the tallest apartment building in Kingston?
Anyway, if my numbers are correct, apartment 10C has been treated 5 or 6 times and the pesky little critters live on. And my mother has been exposed to a variety of chemicals since early November to the point where she was "wheezing" when a nurse visited her on Friday, 12/10/2010.
My mother, who is not a large woman by anyone's standards, has lost 20 pounds since September. She is now having respiratory problems. And DJFT is doing a massive CYA and making false statements to the media. See any patterns emerging here?
For those that visit this blog, including my former classmates from GAR & WILKES, please say a prayer for my Mom and the other senior citizens at DJFT.

It is not a pretty or healthy situation.
Have a good weekend.



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