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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ghosts of the Green Room

I've been there. In the Green Room of the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, PA.

I think it was in 1997 or '98. At the time, the Green Room was where the actors would get dressed and prepared for the show upstairs. It also contains the original outer wall of the old Lancaster Jailhouse.

There is a plaque on both the inside and outside wall of this very same room where the remaining members of the Conestoga tribe were being held in protective custody in December 1763.

Somewhere in the reams of newspaper clippings and other documents I've amassed over the years there's  an envelope with a copy of "Into the Night", which was written in memory of the 14 souls that perished on December 27, 1763 at the hands of the Paxton Boys.  I hope I can find it in the next few days.

For a little more reading material, check out this link. Not sure about this one...but cartoons have sure come a long way.

For those that believe that time is a ceaseless, connected continuum, and for the chosen souls that have traveled within that realm...there are some folks out there - men, women and children - huddled in a jailhouse.

And to this very moment, their fate haunts me still.

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