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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bedbugs ( and incompetence ) Exposed

It is extremely disconcerting for me to find the following quote in today's Times-Leader

“this problem has spread to other apartments and has existed for some time.”

That directly contradicts what I was told by the management of that building.

My sister and I, first and foremost, are concerned about my mother's well-being. As you know, I had posted once previously about this issue without mentioning names or getting too specific. I wanted to give the management team of Dan Flood Tower time to do their job. However, when it became evident beyond all reasonable doubt that the problem was not being handled properly or with any sense of urgency - especially since live bedbugs were being found in my mother's apartment as recently as yesterday (12/6/2010) - my sister and I pulled the trigger and took this to the streets, and the airwaves, and the papers. 

Everyone reading this may be or will eventually become a senior citizen. Is this what you want to be dealing with in your "golden years"? Would you stand idly by and allow this to happen to your parents?

The stress on my mother has been tremendous, and this is far from over. Pennrose has one more chance to get this right.

Not two.


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