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Thursday, June 10, 2010

SRBC: Wrong Quote...Wrong Guy

A couple of comments I made found their way into a local newspaper a few days back.  The reporter did a very good job of quoting me accurately. Only one or two changes were necessary from the first draft.

In response, I received a few comments on other blogs and even more e-mails, including one from a guy the size of a small rhino who wants to paint his face blue and crash the next SRBC meeting:

You're making as difference Brother.....nice article in the CV today, you are very well spoken on the madness surrounding the Big Gas Show. Thank You for stepping forward.

Thanks, brother. Speaking of the SRBC, I was very disturbed by this quote ( in red ) in the Citizens Voice article attributed to someone I've met and respect:

The Susquehanna was named an endangered river in 2005, and Williams believes it should make the list again.

Thomas-Blate said natural gas drilling does have the potential to impact the Susquehanna River as well.

"The Susquehanna is absolutely in the same position as these other rivers as far as this goes," she said.

Susan Obleski, director of communications for the Susquehanna River Basin Commission, said the "endangered" designation does not mean a river is currently in trouble, but that it could be if issues are not addressed. She said the SRBC did not expect the Susquehanna to receive the designation in 2005.

"We were somewhat stunned, because of all the rivers in the country, how could the Susquehanna be the most polluted?" Obleski said.

Now, as most readers know, I was directly involved in nominating the Susquehanna as the #1 Most Endangered River in 2005. The reasons? Sewer Pollution and the proposed Inflatable Dam.

Period. Nowhere in the report does it call the Susquehanna the most polluted river in the country.

Can't be found - anywhere.

I'm growing tired of all of these uncontested lies from BIG OIL and their band of bandits. So here's the deal, SRBC. Show me where the Susquehanna was named - verbatim - as the "most polluted" river in the country in American Rivers' 2005 Most Endangered Report, and I will shut down this website and discontinue my online opposition to this whole Marcellus Shale frenzy. Forever. In front of all blogdom and my daily visitors from BIG OIL...you have my word on it.

You have a week to respond.  After that, I'm buying some face paint...and your quarterly meetings will never be the same.

You have my word on it.

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