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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Absolute, Utter Outrage in Bradford County (UPDATED PICS)

As I was importing my last few pics for this weekend's Weminiscing post, I received a call from a good friend in Bradford Country. He alerted me to some e-mails with photos he had just sent, and after reviewing the same, he launched into an update on the latest events going on along the Susquehanna River in Bradford County.

My friends, what is happening up in the Endless Mountains is unconscionable...an absolute travesty. And with the recent news about drilling being permitted under the Susquehanna, it is obvious to me the DEP, DCNR, SRBC and many other organizations are letting BIG OIL do whatever they want under the radar and hope the public doesn't get wind of it...or - even if/when they do - will brush them off as insignificant concerns from rabid, uniformed obstructionists. That is about to change.

One of the most sacred and historically/archaeologically significant spots along the north branch of the Susquehanna River ( Bradford County - PA USA ) is Wyalusing Rocks. The pics below were taken from that location. I'll try to get higher resolution pics later today.

To disturb earth along the Susquehanna, the PHMC must be involved. I'm hearing they are giving a group of Bradford County BOY SCOUTS a hard time about digging up a little foot path for canoe/kayak access. What you see below is heavy industrial activity at the river's edge.

With a Marcellus Shale drillpad off in the distance, there is just a little irony here.

Imagine this scene repeated 10,000 times. The drillpad is in the upper left.

I wonder if this location has all the proper PHMC and other required permits? This is supposed to be an approved withdrawal site. WHERE ARE THE SRBC PERMITS? I DON'T SEE THEM?

The folks who took the pics above went out on the river to get a closer look.

Unfortunately, we are rapidly approaching the point of no return.

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  1. I have stopped there many times. Big beautiful view with thriving farm land below, now turning industrial.

    But really, if you look through a discarded toilet paper tube, the view is still somewhat stunning. And if the water goes bad we can drink bottled water, and if the Susquehanna goes bad - we can build water parks. So really, environmental tragedy can boost our economy!