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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shale Gas: The cure for all of our nation's problems?

I attended "Marcellus Shale: The Science and the Policy", a Town Square program, hosted by The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia ( PA-USA) last evening.  

Dr. Terry Engelder of Penn State University was one of the presenters/panelists. The theme of Americanism/patriotism was once again fully evident in his PowerPoint presentation, ( notice seal on next slide ), but as a new wrinkle to BIG OIL's best "impartial" spokesperson, it now appears Marcellus Shale can cure all of our nation's woes:

I wanted to wretch. The other interesting twist was a direct attack on Cabot Oil & Gas.

Important point: The two slides above are from Dr. Terry Engelder's presentation. Who does he work for again? Does PSU support his attack on Cabot Oil? Is litigation a potential response?

Hmmmmm....BIG OIL throws one of its own under the bus. Let the feeding frenzy begin.

More thoughts in a future post.

Off to yerk...

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