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Sunday, August 10, 2014

P.O. & S.M.

Pumpkins, orchids...and Super Moon!
Saturday was incredibly busy; traveled to the Wyoming Valley - cut hedges & grass, emptied shed, filled another Bagster for pick-up, visited Mom, went out for a quick bite to eat at Ollie's - then back down the northeast extension to arrive home before dark.
We're at the ~halfway point of summer...and the pumpkins have started to ripen, the orchids are in full bloom in our sunroom, and my fall-blooming flower garden is really taking off.
I'm still dragging from yesterday, and the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet, so I'll keep the words to a minimum and post a few picks from around the Ponderosa. 
Above: I have no doubt the pumpkin vine would reach our house in a few days if we didn't redirect it back into the yard.
Below: The biggest of the bunch...guessing at least a 30 pounder.

The white orchid pictured above and below was given to me by a co-worker to keep alive and, hopefully, get to bloom again. Task accepted...mission accomplished.
The flowers are 4.5" across at their widest point, and when all five are in bloom, I will post a few more pics.

After we unpacked our cars, I took a walk to the curve in our shared driveway to get a few pics of "Super Moon".

And today...we'll be adding a few more recently discovered and extremely rare "family heirlooms" to our corner hutch.
More on that in a future post
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks.

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