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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


My brother-in-law ( the younger one ) is an avid biker. This past weekend, he competed in an off-road "over the river and through the woods" bike race near State College, PA.
Evidently, there was a stretch of the course that was almost all rocks. His legs ( & forearms ) took a beating on those rocks and assorted brambles as he made his way downhill.
We decided to compare scratches and scars.
I think he's got me beat...at least below the knees.
I spent several hours on Sunday taking down two not-so-small trees in the corner of our upstate property...by myself. Both were leaning toward my neighbor's property & fence.
Thankfully, they both dropped where I wanted them to.
Coming up: getting an 80+ year old cast iron tub out of the basement up a narrow set of steps.  
As always...fun stuff.

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