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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Long Overdue: Corbett's Cataclysmic Comeuppance

Say the word "Dimock" to anyone...anywhere, who is familiar with the natural gas industry's exploitation of PA's natural resources and they will more than likely know that Cabot Oil & Gas was front & center in that environmental disaster.
And now, the governor of our commonwealth - Toxic Tommy Cabot Corbett - has given Cabot O&G a "Community Impact Award".


From the article:

"The award goes to companies that “[exemplify] the tenet of ‘doing well by doing good,’”
That's right folks. Wanna really ralph? Read the rest here. And here.
The arrogance of this man is simply staggering. And he's not too far behind in the ignorance category.
I guess it's time to circle back and complete my post about Mrs. Corbett's comments about bloggers.
That will be next.

Community Impact...indeed.

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