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Friday, April 11, 2014

WBGH: Off we (I) go...

Well, no return phone calls or emails yesterday...so here we go.
I will set the stage for my next few offerings with an exact copy of a letter I sent to Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. If you know anyone that works there...you might want to send them a link to this post. They should find what I have to say of interest.


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07 March, 2013

Mr. Robert Hoffman, CNO
Wilkes-Barre General Hospital
575 North River Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18764

Dear Mr. Hoffman:
I am writing in response to the attached letter dated 31 January 2013.

From my perspective as the patient in this matter and someone with 30+ years working in a corporate environment, your correspondence is nothing more than a modified form letter. It may bring some measure of closure for your purposes, but from mine, it addresses and resolves nothing.
My overall experience at your facility - from the ER to my eventual discharge – fell far short of the “quality care with a personal touch” you profess to strive for. For the record, I consider the care provided by Dr. William Charlton, nurse Isabella Elliott ( sp? ) and several members of the P/T staff  to be the only bright spots during my recent stay at WBGH.

I would ask that you review the attached/minimally redacted copy of an email I sent to my supervisor within ~25 minutes or so after my fall, and well before the ambulance arrived to transport me to WBGH. How is it that I, with no medical expertise and without being able to see my legs, was able to more accurately assess my injuries than your medically-trained ER staff - who were not only able to visually inspect my exposed thighs - but also had the benefit of x-rays to review?  Yet, they attempted to discharge me against my protestations and those of my wife, an RN with 30+ years’ experience. It is truly fortunate for everyone that I fell backward into the bed when I attempted to take my first step.
Your attached letter is unacceptable to me. Therefore, I am requesting that you once again revisit the reports/documentation you have regarding my stay at WBGH - from my arrival to my discharge - and escalate it to a level beyond that which may have been involved in any review performed prior to issuing your letter dated 31 January 2013. 

I will await your findings & response.

Donald J. Williams
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A copy of the email I sent to my supervisor as I was going into shock:

Stay tuned.

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