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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Arlington Circa 1946

As many travel and/or prepare for gatherings this Easter weekend, I'm sure those of us who have passed the half-century mark remember holidays spent with family and friends during simpler times.
For my regular visitors, you know of my two other blogs that focus on family history.
Directly below is a recent find, and what I consider to be a very powerful pic from Arlington National Cemetery circa December 1946. My mother's brother Raymond M. Raykovitz, a 1941 graduate of GAR Memorial High School in Wilkes-Barre, was buried that day. Three carloads of family and his fellow Grenadier classmates made the trip to Washington to pay their final respects. 
Many heroes from WWII were buried that day, and yes - for a variety of reasons - there was a significant delay in returning their bodies home.

Below: Ray on the South Street Bridge in happier times - July 1941.

More in a few. Happy Easter!

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  1. That photo of the caskets is chilling. I just sat here staring at it. Couldn't look away.