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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

James City, Elk County, PA

I had to post this comment to a recent online article about a newly-approved frackwater injection well:

"Seneca Resources did get their permit for a class 11-D injection Well #382886 in Elk county PA. for the purpose of disposing of produced fluids associated with oil or gas production. Due to the close proximity of the well to our public drinking water supply, and any water supply, we the people of Elk county and others feel there's is a real possibility that our water source could be contaminated and health and safety of our community will be at risk! Last year Highland Township of Elk co. established a Bill of Rights Ordinance No.1-9-2013. Wednesday, February 12,2014 at 7pm there will be a township Meeting in James City at our township building. The ordinance we have is different then a regular ordinance, it is a Bill of Rights Ordinance. We the people of United States need to start protecting our rights that were fought so hard for. All people of United States have the right to clean air and water. The Declaration of Independence's declaration that the governments are instituted to secure the rights of the people, and the Pennsylvania Constitution's recognition that "All power is inherent in the people" and Article 1 section 27 which guarantees the people have the right to Clean Air, Pure Water, and the Preservation of the Natural, Scenic, Historic and Esthetic Values of the Environment! You are invited to come and join us at the meeting and help support our fight to up hold our ordinance. Thank-you Marsha"

No Marsha...thank YOU!
Read the article that prompted this comment here.
And lest we forget...there is no such thing as 100% impermeable/unfractured bedrock.
A refresher on this topic can be found here.
Whether it happens 5, 50, or 500 years from now...the stuff they are pumping underground will find its way into our drinking water aquifers long after the oil & gas industry has spent their profits. And to those future generations that have to deal with the aftermath, I hope they realize that some folks did try to stop this insanity.
And as offered previously, as this corporate takeover of Pennsylvania continues to unfold, everything in my being tells me the days of civil disobedience shall soon end.

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