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Sunday, January 12, 2014

PA Senate Bill 411: Beyond Iron(y)

I've posted about SB 411 several times before.
It is an incredibly bad piece of legislation. If approved, it basically will give the natural gas industry a free pass to use the legacy of the last great exploitation of our natural resources - acid mine water - to support the latest and perhaps greatest rape of PA's resources - hydraulic fracturing ( fracking ) -  and give the frackers almost complete immunity from legal action should, or realistically when, they mess up and contaminate a stream, the soil, or an aquifer.     
I borrowed the text below from one of the multiple emails I've received from numerous sources over the last few days.

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On Monday, the PA Senate will consider SB 411, a bill that would grant immunity to polluters and allow abandoned mine drainage to be used as a fracking fluid. Our friends at Food & Water Watch describe it this way in a petition they've started, "The Pennsylvania Senate is moving forward legislation that would give companies immunity from legal recourse for withdrawing polluted water and selling it at a profit to gas drilling operations. Were the bill to be passed, it would be nearly impossible to hold the fracking industry and other polluters accountable."

It's so important that we tell our senators to vote NO to SB 411!

Here's how you can help!
First, please sign Food & Water Watch's petition!
Then, please join our Thunderclap! When you sign up, you're granting permission for the message I've written on the Thunderclap screen to be sent from your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts at
noon on Monday. You're agreeing to only that message being sent and sent only once.
Most important, we need you to CALL YOUR SENATORS
on Monday morning! The bill may go to the floor as early as Monday afternoon, so we need you to call early and often! Find your Senator's number here!

Thank you so much for your help!!

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Growing up in the anthracite coal mining region of northeastern PA, I've seen firsthand what that industry left behind. 

Please do whatever you can to help stop this bill from being approved. Spread the word.
All pics below were taken in the Wyoming Valley in northeastern Pennsylvania. Hues of AMD Orange courtesy of the coal mining industry.
For those that have scrolled down this far, since it's that time of year, here's my prediction for 2014:
The end of civil disobedience in Pennsylvania.

P.S. - To Senators Kasunic, et al: "In Good Samaritan"...seriously? 


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