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Monday, October 7, 2013

Freedom From Fracking Conference

Considering I was walking up & down steps carrying boxes for most of the day, I was not getting a good night's sleep this past Saturday even though I was pretty darn tired by 8 p.m. I definitely crashed & burned by 9, but I unfortunately found myself staring at the ceiling at ~1 a.m. or so and couldn't fall back to sleep.
As I was channel-scanning to hopefully find something boring to knock me out, I tripped across PCN's coverage of the "Freedom From Fracking Conference" held in Philly a few weeks ago.
Although I did not watch it from start to finish ( it was aired sometime between 1 a.m. & 4 a.m. ),  I did not hear one word mentioned about the South Newark Basin. No surprises there.
For now, I'll defer commenting further. But I will at some point.

My next post is long overdue.
Early on a Sunday morning, I spent an hour or so walking around the Susquehanna Riverfront Landing ( Millennium Circle area ) in Wilkes-Barre a few weeks back, and although not surprised by what I found, I wanted to share my observations at length.
I'll get to that subject in the next few days.
Nice grass. When is that other eyesore coming down?

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