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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Raykovitz Chronicles

Back in January, on the day I fell and waffled both of my knees, I was in the process of getting one of the last of what I consider to be significant "family heirlooms" out of my father's house. From what I remember of that day, I was going up and down steps for several hours, and standing in the kitchen going through some boxes for quite a long time in between. In retrospect, I guess my legs might have been a little tired when I missed that fateful first step. Fortunately, I was not carrying anything of importance at the time.  

Anyway - fast forwarding almost six months; last weekend, I finally was able - with some help - to get that old ( circa 1917 ) family memento out of the house. I posted details about it on my other family ( maternal side ) history blog: The Raykovitz Chronicles.

In less than six months ( not too bad considering the nature of my injuries and my, ummm, maturity ) I'm back to work as of two days ago with no restrictions. I still have some heavy rehab work ahead of me over the next six months, but as I have all along the way, I'm still taking it a day at a time.

My next goal? Forming a WWE tag team with this guy and bringing home the belt!

And I want this guy to be our manager.

Be well...have a great weekend.

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