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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hanging Tough

I find it interesting that my medical insurance carrier has had no problem accepting my premiums for the past 6+ years, but when I need a hospital bed in my home to facilitate my safe rehabilitation - as directed by my orthopedic surgeon - from a bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture...that's right folks, I completely severed them both; my wife ( an RN with 30+ years experience ) and I and our Physical Therapist are getting the royal runaround since last Friday. According to my insurance company, I neither need nor qualify for a hospital bed with an overhead trapeze even though it has been formally ordered by my surgeon as part of my rehab.

Folks, the quality of the rest of my life is on the line here if I don't get up on my feet soon...and that is not an overstatement.

This is hitting way too close to home. If I fall, so will they.

I promise.

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  1. Don- Hope you get better very soon! So sorry about your injury. It sounds very painful. Peacegirl