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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stay Upwind along H. Rockwell Road

From Gas Safety Incorporated's Report to the Clean Air Council on 8 June 2012 Field Inspection and Methane Sampling Survey of Parts of Leroy, Granville and Franklin Townships Bradford County, Pennsylvania:
"In summary, the methane survey data collected on 8 June 2012 in parts of Leroy, Granville, and Franklin Townships, Bradford County, Pennsylvania indicated one or more substantial methane emissions were occurring in an area centered roughly on the intersection of H Rockwell Road and Route 414. A ground level plume was detected that increased in area substantially over a period of 3.5 hours, which, when expanded to account for above ground level methane, suggests large amounts of methane were being emitted to the atmosphere."
Read the rest of the report here.  Read one of the articles that broke the story here.


Underground Hotspot Gurgling under Tree - Leroy Township, PA from Don Williams on Vimeo.

And to put things in perspective, the red lines on Gas Safety's graphic below indicate elevated methane readings during their 08 June 2012 field trip. The blue circle? That's approximately where I took all the gurgling ground videos on Sunday, July 22nd that are included in yesterday's post and directly above.  

According to Blogger, I have 657 posts since switching to this format in February 2010. I don't have time this morning to locate all the recent posts where I covered this topic, so I'll say it again: hydrofracturing and the geology of PA just don't mix...especially northeastern PA.  And right now, it appears the stretch along Rte 414 is absolutely, positively the LAST place the natural gas industry should be drilling. And they know it, yet they "frack on" in complete and utter disregard for the health and well-being of the residents of this area.

Right now, wherever you are, and whatever time it is, know that the streams along Rte. 414 are still bubbling. The woods are still gurgling. And many of the folks living there - and their children - are breathing highly elevated and unnatural levels of methane...and don't even know it.

I'll have more to say about this in the days ahead, but for now, I'd ask that you listen closely to the gurgling going on in the video above...again. Before you start it, close the office door and turn out the lights. Crank up the volume a little bit, and when it starts, close your eyes.
As you listen to the video above, think about how much pressure it takes to fracture bedrock over a mile underground, and ask yourself if you believe what the natural gas industry and DEP Secretary Mike Krancer are telling you.

Contrary to what Chesapeake & Harrisburg are saying...things are NOT  fine in Pennsylvania.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing these stories on LeRoy, PA area. We certainly didn't get anything out of the main stream press.

    1. My friend: Have faith. There is more to follow.

  2. Dom, some Blogger advice: Use the "Labels" feature on posts going forward, making up labels as you see fit (Leroy, Bubbling, Gas Safety Incorporated, etc.) Later, you can easily locate all posts with a particular label, like this: