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Friday, June 22, 2012

Shell: More Streams Bubbling in NE PA

For all who don't get the natural gas headlines every day: we have more streams bubbling in northeastern PA and another natural gas company scrambling. Of course, the DEP is right on top of this latest "event". I truly sleep better at night knowing that...

Check out the Wellsboro Gazette for pics like the one below.

To get it right, DEP is calling this a "surface expression".

Seriously...how much pressure does it take for the ground to erupt if they are fracking thousands of feet below the surface???

This time...it's Shell Oil. You know, the same company that our good Governor is trying to get a $1.65 BILLION tax break over the next 25 years...

Want to see how Shell Oil is performing elsewhere?
Check this out.

Folks, you cannot expect that, as long as this is allowed to continue, headlines like those above will not become commonplace. The bedrock underneath northeastern PA is highly folded and fractured...from the surface all the way down to the Marcellus Shale layer. There is no unfractured, impermeable cap layer to stop the stuff they are pumping down there - under pressures that far exceed those which occur naturally at that depth - from coming back up to the surface. It may take some time, but eventually, it will happen. In some places, it already has.

Left alone, nature always arrives at a balance...an equilibrium. When that equilibrium is disturbed, albeit ever so slightly, nature reacts. Hydrofracturing on the massive scale underway has no place in the geology of northeastern PA, and, until more people understand that...or remove our Governor from office or shut him down through other means until his term is up...NE PA will sink far below the industrial zone it has already become.

The natural gas industry, the DEP, and our good Governor all know that. They just hope you don't.

It doesn't take much...


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