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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SRBC Meeting: The Truth Never Sleeps

For some reason, I awoke at ~2:30 this morning and checked my work and personal e-mails out of habit.

Sitting in my personal Inbox was an e-mail containing the following message:

"Looks like Don is correct.
Attached is an MP3 with a 2 min. excerpt from the meeting.

This is from a recorder which was on top of the speaker cabinet which was about 5 feet away
from the table where the commissioners were seated.

1:46-1:47. The chair of the meeting banged the gavel 3 times and can be heard to say very clearly, "this meeting is adjourned".
Hope this helps,"

I listened to the audio here. ( Thanks, Bill )
Needless to say, I was not going back to sleep.
Earlier in the day, I received an e-mail with this press release from the SRBC.

So...the SRBC chairperson officially adjourned the meeting, the Commissioners left the room, came back in and amidst absolute chaos, hastily approved the water withdrawals without giving the people who had formally requested to speak an opportunity to do so. I have that audio file as well.

At many levels, something is amiss here, wouldn't you agree?


The SRBC needs to formally reconvene the 12/15 meeting and allow comments to be heard regarding the water withdrawals that were approved - IMHO - illegally. As a citizen of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and as someone who requested to speak at the 12/15 meeting in writing - TWICE, I am formally requesting a continuation of the aborted public hearing on the 26 withdrawals listed on the original agenda with a 10 minute time limit per speaker and with the availability of audio/video presentations, if requested, within the 10 minute limit.


To the SRBC: You need to do the right thing here. I realize not too many people in Harrisburg even know ( or care ) what that is these days, but I hope your leadership will rise above the current political climate and squalor and give the people who truly care about the Susquehanna River an opportunity to speak - for the record and in front of the Commissioners. I recognize this isn't "fun stuff", but not too much is these days in the Marcellus Shale Zone. This can go in one of many directions. The decision is yours to make.

My timeline for a response - either way - is by COB, 12/22/2011.
Endless Mt. Outfitters' David Buck speaks at SRBC's public hearing.

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