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Saturday, December 17, 2011

12/15 SRBC Meeting - Videos Requested


There were two, possibly three people recording the SRBC meeting in Wilkes-Barre on December 15, 2011.

I am asking for their help.
There are several folks, myself included, that believe the SRBC meeting was formally/officially adjourned by 2nd PA Alternate and DEP Employee Kelly J. Heffner BEFORE the vote regarding water withdrawals was taken. After leaving the room for a few minutes due to the ranting and raving of the Occupidiots, ( thanks, Renegade ), they ( the SRBC Commissioners ) rushed back into the room and - amid the screaming and shouting by the Occupidiots  - voted to approve the water withdrawals.

Several people in attendance have already contacted me and questioned whether the vote regarding the withdrawals was legal, as among other things, the meeting may have been officially adjourned AND there was no opportunity for people to formally comment on the proposed withdrawals, thanks again, to the Occupidiots.

And in case you're wondering - YES, I am less than pleased with the antics of the few that caused the meeting to end before all of the true river advocates had an opportunity to speak about and against the proposed withdrawals. To those specific folks who may stumble across this blog, I'm sure your parents would be really proud to see their sons and daughters dropping the F-bombs and J.C.'s in front of members of the military, clergy, and many veterans in attendance.

Finally, thanks to all of the rational adults who attended the meeting and chose to speak out on behalf of the Susquehanna River. For those that know me well, I was way out of character for a variety of reasons which I made very clear ( I hope ), and I do want to acknowledge the restraint of the Plains Township police officers in attendance.

Once again...videos and/or confirmation the meeting was officially adjourned - please. I have some people ready to pursue this legally if confirmation is received that the meeting was adjourned before the votes on withdrawals took place.
Have a good weekend, folks.

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