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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brown Water, Low Water, Dead Water

Some friends who live along the Susquehanna River in Bradford County provided a copy of the letter they recently wrote ( THANKS!! ) to the EPA. Here's a portion of their letter:

"We have lived on the Susquehanna River for 35 years and for the past year we have noticed dirty foam and discoloration all along the river bank.  (photo attached)

We don't know what is happening, but we are worried that someone is dumping "something" into the river to make this occur.

This past summer we also saw trout in the river with some sort of fungus (?) around their fins and gills.  They were barely able to swim and some were already floating.

We know that the gas industry has been drawing large amounts of water out of the local creeks.  Some of the creeks barely had any water in them and they were still taking water out of them via the holes they dug in the creek beds.  We also noticed that the water gauge on Towanda Creek has been broken for almost two years now and it is below where they are drawing out the water, so they have no way of knowing how much water is being taken out. 

This was pointed out to the SRB Commission ( SRBC ) via email and personally at a meeting in Warren Center, PA and they still won't address the problem."

Here's the pic they referenced.

In my opinion, neither the SRBC nor the DEP are doing anything of substance to protect the Susquehanna River. And folks, what's happening in Bradford County will find its way downstream PDQ...all the way to the Chesapeake.

And anyone who believes or tells you otherwise is a fool.

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