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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Koona Wahpekute


"Great Hunter in the Leaves"

As my regulars know, I have dozens of contacts all throughout the Susquehanna watershed, especially on the north branch in the heart of the Marcellus Shale Twilight Zone.

I keep hearing from some folks who live right along the Susquehanna in Bradford County - and have for decades -  that the river levels are doing some very abnormal things; going up when there's been no rain for days, and staying down after a major rain event.
With all the water being withdrawn upstream, and with future needs increasing day-by-day, and with the SRBC's rubber-stamp approach to approving water withdrawal permits...I wonder if there is any connection here? Is water being released from upstream reservoirs to support drilling-related withdrawals? Are they taking too much water ( or more than SRBC-approved amounts ) from the watershed?  

Several years ago, I nicknamed one of these "river friends" Koona Wahpekute, which is a Susquehannock/Sioux combination meaning "Great Hunter in the Leaves". He is a legendary outdoorsman in Bradford County.

Koona tells me there's something way out of the ordinary going on with the river. I'm sure the MSC & SRBC would claim otherwise.

Who would you believe?

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