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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nascent No More

With the organized national screening of Gasland last evening, the anti-drilling chatter from hundreds of disconnected camps began to feel and sound more like a coordinated movement.

Whatever it was before last night, it is no more. In the days and weeks ahead, there will be more indications  that the gas industry's greatest fear is about to be realized. Slowly but most assuredly, we are all arriving on the same page. And the interest in this issue from countries across our planet continues to grow.

My recent visitors from Israel linked directly to this blog looking for what I had to say about incoming governor Tom Corbett.


ITRR...or someone just interested in PA politics? You tell me.

FYI - a major news organization is about to run a piece or begin a series, not sure which, on this whole Marcellus Shale mess. When I'm advised of the first airing, I'll post it here.

For today, I'll finish with a brief message to the U.S. "intelligence" community and/or their hired dupas that keep visiting my blog. Stick this in your predictive profiling matrix and tell me what you find:

155, 625/405/660, 3 NDE's...and I still hear voices.

Almost forgot. I like to dress up.


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