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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fracking Sludge becomes Spring Water?

While you read this article, I simply ask: If it looks like spring water, would he drink it? Would you?

And when you look at the picture below, ask yourself this: Is that little dime-store testing kit going to provide results for every possible contaminant in that black liquid? What do you think?

Finally, after you view the video below, do you actually believe this plant has the ability to clean the Marcellus fracking wastewater from anything and everything that will pollute the Susquehanna River?

Spring water my dupa.

Click on the pic for the video - sorry about the commercials

From water being sucked out of its pristine trout streams, to toxic water "spring water" being returned to its mainstream, the Susquehanna watershed is under a full, frontal and lethal assault. And the natural gas industry and the SRBC are feigning a concerned look while crying all the way to the bank.

We all know where this is going folks. Get ready.

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