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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chesapeake Castragated and Castracized

And Mr. Grove's insinuation that poor water well construction could be causing current water well issues is a direct disrespect to me, my father before me, and other local reputable water well drillers. Speaking for myself and my father's memory, we have drilled thousands of water wells during decades of business in Northeast Pennsylvania. Our continued good reputation is testimony that we do successfully construct quality water wells. I invite Mr. Grove to call me to discuss well construction but not to come into my hometown and discredit my work.

Once again, my planned Weekend Weminiscing post has been preempted by another Marcellus Moment in the unfolding timeline of the continued degradation of Penn's Woods.

When I fired up my gmail account this morning, I had an e-mail sitting in my Inbox from one of my Bradford County friends with a simple message: "Call me...this is big."

I did...and it is. Since the Marcellus Shale Coalition may soon get wind of this and begin to formulate a response from the MSC or for Mr. Grove, I offer one simple yet sincere cautionary; recognize who you are dealing with. The Cummings family is well respected and very well-established in that neck-of-the-woods, far more than any of the NG folks can ever claim or hope to be. I'm sure you have a well-scripted response at the ready, but using one of Mr. & Mrs. Cummings' comments as a guide: "...this is Pennsylvania, not Texas!"

I think a public apology from Mr. Brian Grove is in order.

Another quote from the letter:

Referring to Sunday's article, Brian Grove of Chesapeake stated he does not believe, the facts, implicate its drilling operations is causing the water issues at hand. We have not spoken with any of the Paradise Road residents, but, the fact is, we have recently received many calls from local homeowners regarding disturbances in their water wells that began after nearby gas drilling activity had started. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize the time line coincidence and figure out gas drilling activity probably has caused these water well issues.

I have been taken to task many times about several of my posts and my unwavering position statements about the geology of this region and why drilling and horizontal hydrofracturing is a disaster-in-waiting.

I now, and forevermore, rest my case. I am done, folks.

If Marcellus Shale drilling continues unabated, as it appears our government "leaders" are willing to allow, our precious "sweet waters" will become unusable. And when they do...what then? Who are we to blame but ourselves for allowing this to happen?

Here's the letter folks. Spread it far and wide.

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