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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Vampires of Vyoming County

I've been up and blogging since 3 a.m., and am just about out of time before I head off to yerk work.

It is extremely disturbing to see our pristine streams of northeastern PA, some of them coldwater fisheries, being sucked dry by the insatiable appetite of the drilling companies to support hydraulic fracturing. The pictures and graphs above don't lie folks...this is a critical situation and we need to raise this to the highest level of visibility possible as soon as possible.  

If you want a first-hand account of what's happening on Bowmans Creek, please read the following (verbatim) account from a well-respected local journalist I received yesterday:

"I stopped at Cabot's withdrawal site on Bowman's Creek and there were two tankers filling up there. They were marked "residual waste," which I thought was odd. The water meter SRBC requires didn't seem to be working. I stopped by the site later and there were MORE tankers there: one being filled and one waiting. Apparently that had been going on all day long.

It seems Cabot has a permit that lets them withdraw from the site no matter what creek conditions are...",

Write today and register your outrage with: srbc@srbc.net

Also, please forward a link to my blog to anyone you think might help. 



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