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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They're Killing Our Streams

The pics of Bowmans Creek above have caught the attention of a few folks who know this stream. Check our these comments from the Blogfather:

When my three kids were really small, we used to drive to Tunkhannock's very edge--Eaton Township, right there at the big steel bridge, and go tubing down the creek in inner tubes taken from the spent tires of tractor trailers. Big fothermuckers!

Sometimes it was kind of sedate. And many other times, it was a raging torrent of rushing water to be respected for the omnipresent danger that it was. Guess which one I preferred.

Anyway, we visited this spot when the creek was rain-engorged, even dangerous, and also while drought starved and lame. But never did I ever see the water level even near this low. Not even close.

So, with the frickin' fracking now a part of the local lexicon, where did the water go? Was it siphoned off for the purposes of hydro fracturing layers of sub-strata rock? Methinks, yes it has.

Keep an eye on this sort of stuff where you live. Oh, and a camera on your person.

Anyway...I swapped quite a few e-mails with someone from the SRBC yesterday about the streamflow conditions in Tunkhannock and Bowmans Creeks. He was professional, prompt and thorough in his replies. I was assured some inspector(s) were going out to see if water was still being withdrawn from Tunkhannock Creek. I haven't heard back as to their findings, but if and when I do, I'll share what I can.

The part of the exchange that really puzzled me was the following - verbatim:

The Wiernusz location has not been constructed to date, however Cabot is making withdrawals to support drilling and fracing operations from both Bowman's Creek and Tunkhannock Creek. Both of the Cabot withdrawals do not have passby conditions. The withdrawal you mentioned at Deer Park Lumber is active and I am having staff members conduct an inspection at this site.

Hmmmm. So, in other words - (my interpretation alone) - if the "Wiernusz location" was up and running, the owner would NOT be able to withdraw water from Bowmans Creek due to current low flow conditions, but Cabot ( Big Oil's bad boys wreaking havoc in Dimock, PA ) can withdraw water from the same stream because they are not subject to the same low flow restrictions?

Think about it for a minute, folks. Same stream. Two companies. Two different sets of rules for withdrawing water.

Something is definitely amiss here.

1 comment:

  1. Michell'e BoiceJuly 1, 2010 at 9:07 PM

    My heart is just broken and my soul slowly dying over this mad scientific experiment that has been forced upon us. I see it as government sponsored terrorism and am far more fearful than I was following 911. Back then we were told the terrorists were going to poison our water supplies and anthrax us. Pray! And then ride your elected officials as you have never done before. I hound them on an almost daily basis and I also write letters to John Hanger of the DEP and I tell them all, "we will hold you accountable". This is how I end every e-mail and every letter. God help us all.