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Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Voices in the Wilderness

Over the past two weeks or so, I've added a few more "blogs" to the list of like-minded souls whose musings I'd like others to be aware of.  Fracking Underground and Faces of Frackland are two of the more recent finds. I did especially like a quote I snagged from the latter:

The Internet age will make it impossible for oil and gas companies to keep their long legacy of social, environmental, and economic messes hidden from public view.
I also want to mention a recent post by Another Monkey, which is very insightful and will become a very real problem should we have an extended dry period. From what I've heard from a few Bradford County mountain men, some of the smaller streams in that region that are having water withdrawn for NG drilling are running noticably below "normal" levels already. Of course, the SRBC is monitoring everything closely.


Last night, I attended another Marcellus Shale event in center-city Philadelphia. I had to leave before it concluded, but it was good to see that a few more folks have joined the fray - one of them being a Philadelphia City Councilman who finally "got it" - and I think, slowly but surely, they will help others "get it". The council dude is scheduled to meet with Senator Arlen Specter soon, and he stated that NG drilling was on his list of items to be discussed. I hope he drives home a few points with the Senator.

My "middle child" and youngest daughter is graduating from college in the next few days. Like her older sister who graduated last year, she went 8 for 8 semesters on the Dean's List, made it to two collegiate national honor societies, and will graduate magna cum laude. My son, who just finished up his freshman year at Schreyer Honors College, went two for two on the Dean's List with a fairly demanding course load for his rookie season. 

As a close friend always offers..."good thing their mother is smart."

We'ez dooin' the bestest we'ez kann.

Back in a few.

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