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To All First Time Visitors

I've noticed a significant increase in the number of first time visitors in the past 30 days.

First & foremost: Welcome!

As a brief intro; I've been blogging since 1999. I have a degree in Earth & Environmental Science, and have twice taken the Susquehanna River to the #1 spot on American Rivers annual "Most Endangered" list; first in 2005 and again in 2011. I stopped counting when I hit the 2,000 mile mark paddling on the Susquehanna.

When it comes to my favorite river and the environmental challenges it continues to face, I've forgotten more than most of the newly-ordained "experts" out there. To that end, I've scaled back my public activism over the past few years out of sheer frustration at the (mostly) clueless cacophony coming from the new crop of wannabes seeking their 15 seconds of...whatever.

Unfortunately, I'm getting restless again.

Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blogger Down

For anyone who wants an excuse to get out of shoveling snow tonight, I'm a resident of that big building across from the Hollenback Cemetery.

Room 453 .


  1. ??? Ouch? What happened? Accident or surgery or both?

  2. So, you're being fitted with some sort of accelerator suit? Is that what this is? For, like, bionically-enhanced ass-kickings?

  3. Don- I hope you get better very soon! Carol

  4. Don -

    Just saw your blogger down post. Don't know what is going on but whatever it is I hope things are going well and you have a speedy recovery.

    William L. Yingling M.D.